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Linan Zhong, the mayor of Nan'an, led a team to Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Linan Zhong, the mayor of Nan'an, led a team to Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.

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2019/02/15 09:21
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Mayor Lin Rongzhong spoke highly of the achievements made by Fujian Baofeng Electronics in industrial development in recent years, and learned in detail about the company's latest technical transformation production line investment.

 On February 14, Lin Rongzhong, the mayor of Nan'an Municipal People's Government, led the deputy mayors Chen Hongchun and Xu Zilin and other delegations, accompanied by Huang Zhihong, secretary of the party committee of Xiamei Town, and Guo Tianwei, the mayor of the town, to Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd. to investigate the start of the company and the production of the products.


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujian Baoyang Electronics Co., Ltd. Wang Jinding and General Manager Wang Shaofeng gave a detailed introduction to the company's basic situation and development plan and the latest research and development products.




Mayor Lin Rongzhong spoke highly of the achievements made by Fujian Baofeng Electronics in industrial development in recent years, and learned in detail about the company's latest technical transformation production line investment. For the company to increase technical innovation, Lin Mayor highly recognized and pointed out the intelligence The transformation can further promote the intelligent transformation of the logistics system. It is necessary to develop cooperation with major operators through multiple channels. The government will also help coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the enterprise.

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