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Quanzhou Mayor Kang Tao led a team to Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Quanzhou Mayor Kang Tao led a team to Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.

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2017/02/14 09:33
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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujian Baoyang Electronics Co., Ltd. Wang Jinding and General Manager Wang Shaofeng gave a detailed introduction to the company's basic situation and development plan and the newly developed products.

Quanzhou Mayor Kang Tao led a team to Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.


On February 12, 2017, Quanzhou Changkang led a team to the Nanan Photovoltaic Information Industry Park Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd. (new project factory area) to investigate the company's production and project resumption after the festival, Nanan Mayor Lin Rongzhong, standing committee member of the municipal party committee Mayor Huang Huican and other leaders participated in the survey.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujian Baoyang Electronics Co., Ltd. Wang Jinding and General Manager Wang Shaofeng gave a detailed introduction to the company's basic situation and development plan and the newly developed products.
Mayor Kang Tao spoke highly of Fujian baofeng Electronics' achievements in industrial development in recent years and praised it. At the same time, it pointed out that the walkie-talkie industry, as the traditional pillar industry of Quanzhou, must keep up with the pace of the times and accelerate the transition to high-tech industries. Fujian Baofeng Electronics As a leading enterprise of walkie-talkie, we must give full play to leading role, further accelerate product transformation and upgrading, broaden development ideas, develop new products, adapt to the new normal, seek new development, expand new markets, and innovate performance. Accelerate the construction progress of new project sites, start construction as soon as possible, and have new weather and new actions in the new year to boost the economic and social development of Quanzhou.
Chairman of Fujian Baofeng Electronics Wang Jinding said that we must live up to the ardent expectations of the government and turn the great encouragement given by the government into a powerful driving force for the scientific development of enterprises. We will continue to take the road of technological innovation, gather together and take advantage of the situation. Accelerate the construction of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits and make new and greater contributions.

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