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Baofeng Electronics: To create a "personalized" digital walkie-talkie to enter the international market
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Baofeng Electronics: To create a "personalized" digital walkie-talkie to enter the international market

Media report
2016/11/25 01:05
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Wang Shaofeng said that the walkie-talkies that appeared in some movie films at home and abroad were also "baofeng manufacturing." He also told reporters that he traveled to the United States last year, passing a remote town, and using a baofeng walkie-talkie in a hotel.

Baofeng Electronics: To create a "personalized" digital walkie-talkie to enter the international market


"On the Quanzhou Bay International Road Cycling Race held some time ago, the security used by Baofeng is the walkie-talkie produced by Baofeng." Wang Shaofeng, general manager of Nanan Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd. said frankly that although this bicycle race claimed to have the highest level of competition in Quanzhou history, For the baofeng electronics, which has been focusing on walkie-talkies for 15 years, it is not the first time that their products appear in such large-scale events.
Wang Shaofeng said that the walkie-talkies that appeared in some movie films at home and abroad were also "baofeng manufacturing." He also told reporters that he traveled to the United States last year, passing a remote town, and using a baofeng walkie-talkie in a hotel.
So, what is the reason why baofeng electronic walkie-talkie is so favored? What kind of marketing secrets does Baofeng Electronics have? The reporter recently walked into the company to find out.
Leading the new trend of digital walkie-talkies
In the field of professional wireless communication, in recent years, there has been a wave of analog to digital in the world. Especially in the past two years, with the maturity of technology and the growth of demand, the application process of digital walkie-talkie has been greatly accelerated. As of 2015, it has accounted for more than 50% of the market share, and the “modulo-turning number” has become an unstoppable trend.
"Traditional analog walkie-talkies have shortcomings such as interference, low frequency utilization, and poor call quality. Digital walkie-talkies can not only solve the above problems, but also better in terms of confidentiality." Wang Shaofeng explained to reporters that as early as 2009 In the year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document requesting that the analog walkie-talkie be withdrawn from the market within six years to promote the application and popularization of digital walkie-talkies. This means that China will completely ban the production and sales of analog walkie-talkies in the future.
Therefore, this year can be said to be the most crucial year for the "modulo number" of the walkie-talkie. In order to meet the arrival of the digital intercom era, Baofeng Electronics has launched a number of new digital products.
In the exhibition hall on the first floor, there are hundreds of walkie-talkies. Wang Shaofeng pointed to a product and said: "This is our newly developed mini-vehicle station. Just plug in the car cigarette lighter interface and install it immediately.
Unlike traditional radios, this device has a mini-face that is extremely easy to install and can be reached in 5 minutes. The most important thing is that it can be multi-functional. Antennas, hand microphones, hand-held machines... Although the mini-vehicle platform is only the size of a fist, it is "completely complete."
“The consumer groups of this product include tour groups, self-driving tours, water sports, friends, etc.” Wang Shaofeng exemplified that if a few friends drive to the scenic area to drive, and worry that the mountain signal is not good, this mini car can play Great role: When the handheld is connected to the car on the car, it can be used as a hand microphone to realize long-distance communication; when used alone, it becomes a multi-function intercom, and several people can stay as outdoors while on the phone. contact. In addition, the car has a USB interface to meet the needs of mobile devices, driving recorders or mobile phone charging. This product is unique in the world, so it has been recognized by customers at home and abroad in the market.
The mini-vehicle is just a microcosm of baofeng's electronic technology innovation. For different users, Baofeng Electronics has developed products with different characteristics to meet the specific needs of users in market segments. For example, in order to prevent the impact of communication on the walkie-talkie in the construction site, flood control, outdoor sports, etc., they developed a waterproof walkie-talkie, even in a meter of water, can keep water for 30 minutes; in order to increase users Personalized needs, they developed camouflage and other different color walkie-talkies, walkie-talkies are not only high-tech products, but also like the mobile phone to wear a variety of colors of "bright".
“After digitization, the walkie-talkie is not only a simple walkie-talkie, but also can provide customized solutions for the industry system to meet the individual needs.” Wang Shaofeng said that as long as the field of walkie-talkies is needed, they can provide customization.
Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions
As a veteran professional walkie-talkie manufacturer, baofeng electronic strength can not be underestimated. Wang Shaofeng said that the walkie-talkie seems to be simple. In fact, from research and development, design, production to product molding, hundreds of processes are required in one down, but they can all be completed on their own and implement numerical control integration.
To this end, baofeng Electronics has established a research and development team in the field of wireless communications composed of more than 80 people, and introduced advanced production lines from the United States, Japan and other countries. Into the production workshop, a comprehensive line of high-speed operation. With intelligent access to order needs, with the help of the Internet, baofeng Electronics has sold its products worldwide. In 2008, Wang Shaofeng, who returned from studying in Malaysia, entered a family business. At first, he did not immediately take the position of the top leader. Instead, he spent three months visiting three or forty cities in China to learn about the product market.
Secondly, he also studied sales at the company's Guangzhou station, and eventually he returned to the company headquarters and gradually moved from the grassroots to the general manager. During the inspection, Wang Shaofeng not only discovered the huge market of foreign walkie-talkies, he also found that through the Internet, the market could be opened quickly. The Xiafu Township, which is known as the “Intercom Production Base”, has a strong geographical advantage.
“Starting in 2010, national online merchants and traditional enterprises began to complement each other. Most of the online merchants in Changfu Village also rely on the 'big tree' approach to develop and grow together with traditional enterprises.” Wang Shaofeng recalled that by baofeng Electronics, etc. In the past five years, the network merchants in Changfu Village have occupied almost 90% of the domestic online walkie-talkie market share. This small village is famous throughout the country for its walkie-talkies and has been rated as China's “Taobao Village” for two consecutive years.
Different from other manufacturers' supply methods, in order to avoid low-cost competition, Baofeng Electronics does not let every online merchant sell all their products, but only lets them sell one of them, and the network merchants of each series can develop again. Line, but the price must be uniform. "The advantage of this is that it won't cause every netizen to sell the same products. They will operate the product as their own brand, and they can better provide after-sales service for customers." Wang Shaofeng said frankly, but this way The price is that baofeng Electronics must invest a lot of energy in research and development of new products. So far, they have more than 300 series of walkie-talkies.
In order to manage hundreds of online merchants, Baofeng Electronics has set up an e-commerce management team to ensure that products do not overlap. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the domestic e-commerce sector, overseas e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and E-bay can also see baofeng electronics.
“We also open up overseas markets through the form of exhibitors. At present, the sales market at home and abroad each account for 50%.” Under the leadership of Wang Shaofeng, baofeng electronic walkie-talkies are exported to more than 100 countries including the United States, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. area.
"The number of intercoms is the trend of the times, we will continue to develop new digital products with baofeng characteristics according to the needs of the market." Wang Shaofeng said.
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