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Xiaomei Center Elementary School reporter visited Baofeng Electronics
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Xiaomei Center Elementary School reporter visited Baofeng Electronics

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2016/11/25 10:27
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No network, no mobile phone, how to communicate with others? Normal temperature water through the water heater, through what role, become hot? How much do you know about these technology mysteries?

Xiaomei Center Elementary School reporter visited Baofeng Electronics


No network, no mobile phone, how to communicate with others? Normal temperature water through the water heater, through what role, become hot? How much do you know about these technology mysteries?
Recently, Xiaomei Center Elementary School reporter and Nanan No. 1 Experimental Primary School reporter went into Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd. and Baoke Electric Co., Ltd. to explore the story behind the walkie-talkie and water heater and feel the technological atmosphere.
On the morning of March 16, 60 small reporters from Xiamei Central Primary School came to Xiamei Changfu Village Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd. to collect the wind. The small reporter listened to the assistant general manager Mr. Chen to introduce the intercom, while observing the field, and had a deeper understanding and understanding of the production, packaging, transportation and safe production of the walkie-talkie.
This morning, despite the drizzle, it failed to stop our small reporters from going out for the first time in the new semester – to visit Baofeng Electronics Co., Ltd.
When I got off the bus, an uncle took us to visit the factory and electronic equipment. In the exhibition hall, we saw a lot of walkie-talkies, my favorite parent-child walkie-talkie, they have a variety of colors, yellow, blue, red... all kinds of, very beautiful. Everyone is curious to see so many walkie-talkies. Uncle seems to have seen everyone's doubts and began to explain how the walkie-talkie is shaped.
He told us that there is a motherboard in the walkie-talkie, just like a board of the computer host used in the home, it controls various functions. The walkie-talkie does not need any network, can talk, and does not generate phone bills. It is suitable for occasions with fixed and frequent calls, such as supermarkets or some large shopping malls. Even the police uncle will be equipped with a walkie-talkie, which is convenient to contact at any time.
In the uncle's explanation, all the questions in our hearts have been answered.
Today, our little reporter came to Baofeng Electronics Factory to visit.
Walking into the sample room, I saw a variety of walkie-talkies placed neatly on the wall. If you have a handheld walkie-talkie, it's small and lightweight, and it's easy for you to carry around with you. There is also a car-mounted walkie-talkie, which can be installed on vehicles, ships, airplanes and other vehicles, mainly used for transportation, production scheduling, security command and other services. Although it is a bit large, it can communicate for distances of more than 20 kilometers, making it ideal for long-distance conversations.
After reading the samples, we went to the packaging production workshop. I saw that an aunt first assembled the box and placed it on the corresponding "track". The next employee placed the part on the foam and placed it in the box, and then passed it on to the next staff member to pack the walkie-talkie. In the assembly line work, everyone is orderly and not flustered.
After an hour of visits, I saw a lot of high technology and opened my eyes. This also motivates me to study harder and become a useful person to the country and a useful person to society in the future!
On Wednesday, we came to baofeng Electronics to interview.
Coming to the exhibition hall on the first floor, the uncle of the lecturer introduced us to the model and purpose of the walkie-talkie. He told us that the parent-child walkie-talkie allows us to chat with mom and dad at any time; the advantage of the digital walkie-talkie is that it takes less frequency and clear voice; the function of the watch-type walkie-talkie is background lighting, automatic shutdown, power indicator...
When I came to the production workshop, I saw the workers divide the parts, test the pronunciation and quality. Auntie told us that a clear division of labor not only ensures efficiency, but also guarantees product quality.
In the usual study life, we must fully carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation and improve efficiency.
As soon as you walk into the sample room of Baofeng Electronics Factory, you can see all kinds of walkie-talkies. The colors are colorful and the styles are varied. Every walkie-talkie was produced after careful research and development, and how hard the staff is!
"Parent-child walkie-talkie, waterproof walkie-talkie..." These walkie-talkies have their own uses, but why are the colors of the outer casings different? The uncle's uncle told us that the internal structure of most walkie-talkies is similar, and the outer casing has to be bothered. Because each customer's requirements are different and the colors they like are different, it is necessary to manufacture walkie-talkies of different colors according to their needs.
It turns out that the walkie-talkie is also divided into professional and amateur. There is also this kind of division, it is really interesting! Uncle said that the professional walkie-talkie can only adjust the frequency on the computer, the amateur walkie-talkie can adjust the frequency directly in the fuselage.
In this more than an hour, I learned a lot!
Stepping into the baofeng electronic sample room, the first English certificate on the wall that came into view first, nearly 25 pieces. Later, we saw a large row of walkie-talkies, which were used for navigational walkie-talkies, amateur walkie-talkies, professional walkie-talkies...
Different walkie-talkies will have different megabytes. For example, the maritime intercom is 136 trillion to 174 megabytes, and the amateur walkie-talkie is 100 megabytes to 400 megabytes... and the earliest walkie-talkie is an amateur walkie-talkie!
When you come to the production center, you can see that many staff are making walkie-talkies. From the introduction of the staff, we know that the seven steps of producing the walkie-talkie - lock screw, connect the wireless head, debug the walkie-talkie, install the face shell, write the screen, install the knob, lock the nut. It can be seen that it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to complete a finished product.
During this visit, I know a lot about technology!
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