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Why use a walkie-talkie and what are the advantages of using walkie-talkie communication?
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Why use a walkie-talkie and what are the advantages of using walkie-talkie communication?

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2016/11/25 15:40
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Economy: For mobile users, the use of walkie-talkies requires a frequency usage fee per year. For mobile phones, the cost of each call is required. For users who use more frequently, the cost of both is higher. 

Why use a walkie-talkie and what are the advantages of using walkie-talkie communication?


Economy: For mobile users, the use of walkie-talkies requires a frequency usage fee per year. For mobile phones, the cost of each call is required. For users who use more frequently, the cost of both is higher. In comparison, it is possible to draw conclusions about which economy. In addition, countries around the world have successively allocated free public frequency bands. Using walkie-talkies in the free public frequency band, there is no need to apply, and there is no need to pay royalties, making the use of walkie-talkies more economical.


Convenient: In the communication range, according to the frequency set by the walkie-talkie, press the launch button to talk, set the group call\group call as needed, and realize the intercommunication between one person and several people or more, which is very suitable for the factory. \Property management\Architecture and other aspects of use.


Suitable for a wide range of environments: the current mobile communication network and fixed telephone network, there are many areas that have not been covered, such as remote rural areas\forests\pastoral areas/sea areas, etc., which need to be supplemented by walkie-talkies.


How does the walkie-talkie work?

For the walkie-talkie to work, a transmitter transmit signal and a receiver receive signal are required. In the transmitter, the microphone converts the voice signal into an electrical signal. Since the electrical signal is weak, the frequency is too low to transmit too far. The transmitter processes and amplifies these audio signals into radio signals that are transmitted through the antenna into the air. The antenna receives the radio signal and transmits it to the receiver. The receiver converts the radio signal into the original audio signal, which is then transmitted to the speaker, and then the original sound information is heard. The transmitted signal and the received signal are converted by an antenna conversion switch. Both the transmitter and receiver have power to supply power.


The composition of the handheld walkie-talkie product

The handheld walkie-talkie refers to a small portable walkie-talkie that can be carried by the user. The package includes: the host: the transmitter, the receiver, the built-in microphone and the speaker. The battery: the power supply of the walkie-talkie is generally available. Optional accessories of different capacities and specifications; antenna: receiving and transmitting radio signals, the frequency band suitable for the antenna is consistent with the frequency band used by the host;

External ear microphone: optional accessories, ear-mounted / earbud type.

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