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Structure composed of walkie-talkie
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Structure composed of walkie-talkie

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2016/11/25 10:42
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Professional walkie-talkies are equipped with seat chargers, there are many low-end walkie-talkies in order to reduce costs, often do not need fire cattle, Ke Lixun interphones are equipped with fire cattle, Motorola's radio is very outrageous.

Structure composed of walkie-talkie



Band switch knob
Status Indicator
Power switch and volume adjustment knob
PTT button
Monitor button
External MIC/SP waterproof cover (with MIC/SP jack inside)
Belt clip
Battery clip
There are many kinds of antennas, there are walkie-talkie rubber antenna, handheld walkie-talkie antenna, car suction cup antenna, glass
Glass steel omnidirectional antenna, Yagi directional antenna, ceiling antenna.
Now many walkie-talkies are all in full frequency, there are 136-174M, there are 400-470M, although some small manufacturers claim that the antenna is full, but it is better to distinguish the high and low segments of the antenna, for the whole segment, When the frequency is written above 450M, the antenna with 400 high is used. When the frequency is written below 420M, the effect of the antenna with 400 low is much better. Especially when the user has high requirements on the call distance, pay more attention to these.
The role of the ordinary rod antenna is not great. The length of the rubber antenna is very particular. It is not as long as possible. If the effect is significant, why not international brands such as Motorola do not do it?
The difference between the car suction cup antenna is very large, it is several hundred or even more than one thousand yuan, and the difference is only 40 yuan. It is recommended that you sell more than one hundred antennas, the quality is guaranteed, the sensitivity is also high, and the car is sold. The distance of the station also has a lot of help, or that sentence, a good horse with a good saddle.
Channel value
Some walkie-talkies have a display, some do not have a display, and the walkie-talkie channel without a display is generally
16 (Motorola GP3188 is 4 channels), 15 regular channels and one scanning channel.
The channel of the walkie-talkie with display is generally 99 or 128, that is, the walkie-talkie stores 99 or 128 sets of frequencies, and the maritime intercom is generally 128 channels.
Status Indicator
The status indicator of the walkie-talkie refers to the two status indicators of transmitting and receiving. Under normal circumstances, the indicator light is off when the walkie-talkie is not working. The light is red when the transmitter is transmitting. The indicator light is green and steady when the transceiver is receiving. The walkie-talkie When the received signal is not good, the green indicator light is not always on, but irregular "jitter".
When the battery of the walkie-talkie is low, although the walkie-talkie is in the standby state, the red indicator light will flash, indicating that the battery is low. Please replace the battery. If you do not change the battery in time, press the radio button of the walkie-talkie to make a long beep and not work properly.
The walkie-talkie speaker has several calibers. The sound quality of the speaker and the size of the sound cavity have a large shut-off system. The sound quality of the walkie-talkie will be better than that of the small walkie-talkie, and the audio output power.
The battery is an important part of the walkie-talkie. A good battery for a walkie-talkie is better than a good horse.
The walkie-talkie battery is divided into properties: nickel-cadmium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, and lithium-ion battery. Each of the above batteries is equipped with an explosion-proof battery, and ordinary batteries cannot be used in a flammable or explosive atmosphere.
The above batteries have their own advantages. The nickel-cadmium battery is the strongest for high and low temperature, and the lithium battery is the weakest.
Toxic: Nickel-cadmium battery is the most toxic, lithium battery is the lightest
Natural discharge: The monthly self-discharge of the battery is about 15%. Generally, the lithium battery has the least self-discharge. I suggest that the battery should be fully charged. Charge it in time before self-discharge, otherwise it will affect the battery life.
Memory: Nickel-cadmium battery has the strongest memory, it is best to recharge after use, nickel-hydrogen battery second, lithium-ion battery has the least memory, but it should also be used up and recharge, what is used up and refill, it is red If the light flashes, it can no longer be used. Excessive use will damage the battery.
In terms of the number of times of charging: the nickel ion is charged and discharged the least, and the lithium ion battery has the most charge and discharge times, generally up to 1000 times. When selling the walkie-talkie, you should advise the user to pay attention to the charging details. It is best to use two batteries and use them reasonably. The battery life can reach three years.
The charger has a charger and a portable charger. There are many low-end 3.6-volt battery walkie-talkies with portable chargers, but
Professional walkie-talkies are equipped with seat chargers, there are many low-end walkie-talkies in order to reduce costs, often do not need fire cattle, Ke Lixun interphones are equipped with fire cattle, Motorola's radio is very outrageous.
Charger can be set to fast charge and slow charge, it is recommended to use slow charge, fast charge walkie-talkie battery is fast damage, charging current is large, charging is fast, but the saturation of charging is poor, charge is not full, slow charge flow is small, full time is longer , but the saturation of the charge is high.
Some walkie-talkies can also be equipped with a car charger, which is said to be a car charger. It is only a cigarette lighter inserted into the car to take power. Large brands such as Motorola and Kenwood are also equipped with a charge, and can charge six batteries.
The external microphone of the walkie-talkie generally has headphones, hand microphones, and shoulder microphones. The earphones are divided into earphones, earphones, and headphones. The headphone is divided into a column type and a line type from the connection mode with the walkie-talkie, the column type is divided into a single column and a double column, and the double column type is further divided into a wide hole and a narrow hole. The earphones are divided into air vibration type, skull vibration type, throat vibration type, and ear bone vibration type from the call initiation manner. The biggest difference between a hand microphone and a shoulder microphone is that the hand microphone generally does not have a speaker itself, and the shoulder microphone has a built-in speaker. Hand microphones and shoulder microphones are not only tools for talking, but also peripherals such as GPS.
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