ADD: Changfu Industrial Zone, Xiamei Town, Nan'an City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

TEL: 400-012-3353

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  • XiaMedia report

    Xia Mei held the "Baofeng Cup" basketball game to welcome the new spring

    Fri Nov 25 10:29:00 CST 2016

  • HowMedia report

    How does baofeng company do monthly sales of 500,000!

    Fri Nov 25 10:25:00 CST 2016

  • AMedia report

    A well-known company in the walkie-talkie industry from “Taobao Village”

    Fri Nov 25 10:27:00 CST 2016

  • XiaomeiMedia report

    Xiaomei Center Elementary School reporter visited Baofeng Electronics

    Fri Nov 25 10:27:00 CST 2016

  • BaofengMedia report

    Baofeng Electronics: To create a "personalized" digital walkie-talkie to enter the international market

    Fri Nov 25 01:05:00 CST 2016

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